Prevention Starts at Home

The Child Abuse Prevention Kit for Families teaches children how to recognize, resist, and report abuse.

Prevention Kit
Help! What Do I Say?
  • I want to teach my kids how to prevent child sexual abuse....But what do I say?
  • How do I teach my kids without saying, "too much"?
  • How do I bring something up that is so uncomfortable to talk about?!?

The Child Abuse Prevention Kit for Families guides you through how to talk to your kids about preventing child sexual abuse. You’ll get practical advice, encouragement, activities, and resources.

If you've ever felt confused, anxious, or paralyzed about how to teach your kids how to prevent child sexual abuse, The Child Abuse Prevention Kit for Families will give you the tools and confidence to guide and protect the children in your life.

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Your Weekly Guide

The Family Handbook: A Guide for Preventing Child Abuse gives you week-by-week instructions, discussion topics, questions to ask, activities, and resources

Weekly Guide

  • WEEK 1: Safety Rules
  • WEEK 2: Trusted Adults
  • WEEK 3: Secrets & Surprises
  • WEEK 4: Body Safety
  • WEEK 5: Internet Safety
  • WEEK 6: Review
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Weekly Topics

  • Why are rules important?
  • Who can we trust?
  • What’s the difference between secrets and surprises?
  • Who owns your body?
  • How can we stay safe online?
  • How can we continue to be safe?
Safety Saurus


For Me
Written by Michelle Derrig, this wonderfully engaging book teaches children about protecting their body and their privacy.
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Developmental Sexual Behavior Tool
Not all sexual behaviors exhibited by children are cause for alarm. This tool helps adults recognize he difference between normal sexual curiosity and red-flag behaviors.
Family Safety Plan Template
This template helps families come up with ways to keep children safe. The Family Safety Plan can be shared with extended family, babysitters, and friends.
Trusted Adults Learning Tool
This tool helps children understand who they can talk to if they ever feel or experience anything unsafe.
Handy Safety Plan for Children
This worksheet helps children easily remember the 3 Safety Rules and the Trusted Adults they can turn to if they’re in danger.
Safety Signals Guide
This guide helps parents recognize the Grooming Cycle and distinguish between Green, Yellow, and Red Flag behaviors.
Secrets To Keep & To Tell Learning Tool
Secrets and Surprises
A tool to help children understand the differences between secrets to keep and secrets to tell.